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December Birthdays Celebrated
December 10, 2018

December 17, 2018

Christmas Eve Dancing!!
December 24, 2018

NYE Party
co-hosted with
Ethnic Dance Chicago
this party will
be at the
Latvian Community Center
in Chicago

 There is  free parking around the park, on Lake St, and on Sherman Ave south of Lake
There is meter parking until 9 on Grove St
NOTE:  there is parking under the Holiday Inn on Sherman Ave, but you need to pay the box and use a sticker 

We're better than ever !!  More Dance Reviews, Walk-Thru Teaching, and a Fun Atmosphere!

It's always great weather for dancing!  See you every Monday night
except for Memorial Day and Labor Day
(Our policy is that we dance as long as it's between 0 and 100 degrees.
  On occasion we may cancel due to severe winter snowstorms, 
so check for email alerts in case of severe weather.  If you aren't on our email list, 
you can request to be added by contacting us via the email address below.)

Bring a water bottle and dancing shoes.        We do not have air conditioning.

We value your feedback!  Write to

Evanston Monday Night Folk Dancers is not affiliated with Lake Street Church