Save the Date!

All dance sessions are virtual during the pandemic

Feb. 11, 7:45-10:15 - Oldies/Carnival Party

Mar. 22 - One Year Zoom Dance Anniversary Party

We love birthdays, cake (and dancing)!

Upcoming Birthday Celebrations

Jan 25 / Feb 22 / March 22

Birthday celebrations are during our mid-session break (~ 9 pm)

during Zoom sessions, too!


There is free parking around the park, and on Lake St.

There is meter parking until 9 on Grove St. and on Sherman Ave.

NOTE: there is parking under the Holiday Inn on Sherman Ave, but you need to pay the box and use a sticker.


Dancing is almost every Monday in Evanston, just north of Chicago, from 7:30pm to 10:30pm. There is no dancing on Memorial Day, Labor Day, and when Chirstmas Day and New Year's Day fall on a Monday. Our policy is that we dance as long as it's between 0 and 100 degrees.

Bring a water bottle and dancing shoes. We do not have air conditioning.